December 2018   
This Week's Events




Prayer Time
6:30 PM
Fellowship Hall
Everyone Welcome!


7:00 PM
Bible Search
Just A Thought
Joy to the World
The Church
Let Your Light Shine
Do What You Can
Stand for Freedom
Dig A Little Deeper
Keep It Simple
Be In Prayer
Sutton Is 4
Seasons of Change
I'll Fly Away
Word of Encouragement
Clogged Up
Taking A Trip
Be Ready
Chain Breaker
Instructions to Follow
To the Point
Long Road
The Flower
Before It Spreads
Trust God
Cleaned Out
True Freedom
Lead the Way
Father's Day
It's Free
God is Good
Thank A Veteran
Remembers Jesus' Name
Fresh Coat of Paint
Full Armor
Be Still
The Blowing Wind
The Promise
A Blank Page
He's Alive
An Example
Life Coach
Never Alone
Life God's Way
Another Plan
Happy Valentine's Day
Sick and Sin
Let It Shine
Midnight Cry
Life - What A Gift
Making an Assist
A Better 2018
Walk With God
All the People
Why We Celebrate Christmas
Christmas Lights
Go To The Light
Reason To Give Thanks
What's Your Decision
In Times Like These
Directing Your Steps
Trust in God
True Beauty
Rest in the Lord
The Big Reveal
God Will Be There
A New Sensor
Is The End Near?
God Doesn't Care
God Is Faithful
Connect To The Power
The Only One
The Darkness
Mom's Smile
Two Steps
Weeds In Life
God's Family
Finding Your Way
They Asked Why
Man's Best Friend
Getting Older
God's Promise
Our Graduation
Dance Before The Lord
Love You Mom
America Needs Healing
Tossed Aside
God is in the Details
It's About The Cross
Trust the Lord
God Will Be With You
Grace To Get Through
The Golden Rule
Stand In The Light
Joy in the Morning
Stay Focused
Finding the Right Gate
Hear God's Voice
Gotcha Day
The Storms of Life
When It Thunders
Doing What You Can
What You Leave Behind
The Little Things
Weather Changes But God Doesn't
Living for Christ
Held In God's Hands
God's Greatest Gift
I'm Thankful for...
Papa, please
Trust In God
Do You Have A Leak?
The Key Is Right There
Getting Past the Wrapping Paper
Cord of Three Strands
Sing Praises to the Lord
Doing the Right Thing
The Light Is On
Lest We Forget
Praising Jesus
Using Our Gifts
Woman of Faith
He Can Hear You
Sharing Christ
God's Way
Covered By The Blood
You Can Trust God
Pledge Of Allegiance
Eagles in a Storm
Warning SIgns