You Can Trust God

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

            On Saturday afternoon I was taking some things to the church.  As I turned off of 18th onto Banks, I saw something that got to me.  There were two younger kids standing on the sidewalk behind Pak-A-Sak.

As I turned the corner I noticed the boy about to step off the curb but the younger girl put her hand against his stomach so he would stop.  After I went by, I looked back and she looked at all the traffic then touched his arm and they crossed the street.

Did I fail to mention the boy was playing on his phone!  I thought that it was so nice for her to be the ‘guardian’ while the boy played on his phone.  I’m assuming they were brother and sister, but regardless, she kept him from stepping out in front of a vehicle.

In our world today there are many that are so preoccupied with what they are doing that they are not paying attention to where they are going.  Whether it is crossing a street in Pampa or in New York City, if one isn’t watching where they are going it is very dangerous.

            We’ve seen it on the streets where someone is texting and driving.  We see them swerve a little bit and have even heard of there being an accident.  Not being aware of what is going on around you when you are driving can be really dangerous.

            In that same way, many times we move through life and think we know where we need to go and what we need to do.  We take care of the chores around the house and do what needs to be done at our jobs.  We have it all planned out.  But then we find out – God has another plan!

            In the book of Acts we find where Paul took Timothy and they began to share the truths of God with different people.  In fact it says in Acts 16:4b that they were sharing in the places “…which had been decided upon by the apostles and elders who were in Jerusalem, for them to observe.”

            Acts 16: 6-7 says they went into the “Phrygian and Galatian region because they had been forbidden by Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia.7 and when they had come to Mysia, they were trying to go into Bithynia, and the Spirit of Jesus did not permit them;”.  It seemed like Holy Spirit was placing His hand in front of them and keeping them from stepping off the curb and into the street.

            It was then that Paul received his Macedonian vision.  Holy Spirit revealed to Paul that it was time to step off the curb and cross over into Macedonia.  So they left Troas and went where God had made a way for them.

            At times we get so into doing what we feel we need to do that we just keep our head down and go.  It is then that Holy Spirit places Himself in front of us keeping us from moving forward.  He has another direction He wants us to go.  Then when all is clear and ‘He has made a way’, He places ‘His hand’ upon our hearts and directs us where we need to go.  

            As you go through this day, allow yourself to be aware of where Holy Spirit is leading you.  Be aware of when He places His ‘hand’ in front of you to stop you and when He allows you to move forward once again.  God made a way for Paul and He will make a way for you.  Trust Him just like that boy was trusting his younger sister.  I promise you – He will walk with you each step of the way.

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, there IS something about that name!!

Christ only, always,

Bro. Paul