Sing Out

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

It’s so hard to believe that Christmas is just a couple of days away! The time since Thanksgiving has just gone by so quickly. It seems like time goes by a little quicker each year. I am so excited about the coming days! It will be such a blessing!

Most of our family will be coming on Thursday and Friday after Christmas. Vicki’s parents are coming in to be with us. Candice and her kids are coming from Norman. Chandra and her kids are driving in from Rochester. Charity, Bryan and the kids are coming from Amarillo as well as Chasity and Amayah. Joshua, Danielle and their kids are coming from Wells Street!

I know Vicki is really excited about everyone being here and she has everything worked out. I am not surprised about that at all. She is so gifted in that respect. She has all the meals planned out and has even told her mother what to bring.

Sunday as the younger children were leaving for Children’s Church, they were so excited. They all ran to the front of the church and lined up so they could go out for their time. One of the girls just ran and jumped all the way to the front. You could tell she was excited about going to Children’s Church.

All the kids are different. Some will pay attention while others won’t. Some will like to listen to stories and others won’t. Some will sit still and others won’t. Yet Christmas is about each one of them as they respond to the wonder of Christmas.

Max Lucado wrote a story that I read called “Alabaster’s Song”. It was about a little six-year-old boy that would ask questions of the angel that was on top of the family Christmas tree. At one point he asked, “What was it like in Bethlehem?” The angel Alabaster; came to life. He told this little boy about the wonder of being there that night and the joy of singing to Jesus.

For several years after that Alabaster would sing beside this boy’s bed on Christmas Eve and from the top of the tree on Christmas morning. Yet after several years the boy stopped hearing Alabaster sing.

Then when he was older and had a son of his own, one Christmas his son stood looking at the Christmas tree. Then he asked, “Dad, do you hear the angel singing?” That just happens to be the last line in the book. It leaves it wide open for interpretation.

That got me to thinking. It seems to me that as we get older, we lose the wonder of Christmas. Maybe we cease to hear the angel singing. Maybe we cease to look wide-eyed into the stable that housed a mighty King. Maybe we cease to focus less on the gift given and more on the gifts received. Maybe we get so caught up in the season that we miss the wonder of a child born, a Son given.

I don’t think we ever mean to actually lose the wonder, but somehow in our growing up, we let it slip away. Have you ever noticed that the Christmas trees aren’t as big as they used to be? Or that those special moments at Christmas aren’t as special as you remember them being? Have you noticed that we often spend more time thinking about what we received and less time on what we have been given?

I pray this year that this Christmas each of us will hear “Alabaster’s Song” as we approach Christmas Day. By the way, the song is simple, yet very profound. “Gloria, Gloria, Gloria to God in the highest.” Glory is God’s. The glory of all creation sings that song to God. The glory of the birth of our Lord and Savior as well as the glory of His death, burial, and resurrection should cause us to sing “Gloria, Gloria, Gloria to God in the highest.”

So, I ask you, “Do you hear the angel singing?” If you can’t, go to the Father and ask Him to place that song back in your heart. If you can – SING OUT! And have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, there IS something about that name!

Christ only, always,

Bro. Paul