God's Greatest Gift

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

            This past weekend was filled with running around for us.  Vicki and I went to Bryan and Charity’s down in Brownfield for Thanksgiving Day.  Joshua, Danielle, Harper and Sutton went with us and we picked up Chasity and Amayah in Amarillo on our way through.

            We did have a good time visiting with everyone.  On our way home Vicki said that she wanted to do a little shopping in Amarillo.  It scared me at first, but then she told me that Joshua, Sutton and I could come on to Pampa.  I was excited that I didn’t have to endure the Black Friday crowds.

            On the way home from Amarillo Joshua asked me what I was going to do when I got home.  I just kind of looked at him like he was goofy.  You see, one of my Thanksgiving traditions was going to be fulfilled when no one else was around.  It was just going to be me and ‘White Christmas’!

            That movie has become something special to me.  I can sing the songs and even tell you what is going to happen next.  It is just something that sets my mind on Christmas.  I realize that it is not for everyone, but for me it helps me turn the corner to Christmas.

            One part is when Bing Crosby is on the Ed Harrison show making an impassioned plea for all the guys in the 151st Division to come to Pine Tree, Vermont.  Retired General Thomas Waverly has a lodge there that is struggling because the weather has been so nice there has been no snow.

            Things are really tough for the General, but it is what Bing Crosby said at the end of his plea that always hits me hard.  He said, “Now remember, no one associated with the show receives anything from this.  It is just an opportunity to give the nicest gift to the greatest guy we’ve ever known.”

            As I consider that year after year it always hits me that as a Christian I have the opportunity to give the greatest gift to people as I meet them daily.  Some will be receptive and some won’t.  Bing Crosby said that it was a lot to ask of the men but that it shouldn’t be too difficult for those who lived in New England.  In that same way, it might be difficult for you to share that good news with some across the ocean, but it shouldn’t be too difficult for that person across the street.

            Christmas is really about missions and fulfilling the Great Commission.  While Jesus called us to go to the world, God sent Jesus to the world.  In reality He came to be the greatest gift to a sinful people that would only see separation from God.  He was the perfect coming to the imperfect.  He was the righteous coming to the unrighteous.

            As Gen. Waverly walked into that hall some of the men stood at attention, while others began to march in singing, “We’ll follow the Old Man.”  When they were in place Gen. Waverly inspected them.  He said, “Some of you are under the impression that as NCOs’ you are not required to wear neck ties, but you are.  You are sloppy and undisciplined.”  Then he paused and said – “And I’ve never seen anything that looked so wonderful.”

            Sometimes I’m a little sloppy and undisciplined in my Christian life.  Sometimes I don’t have on a neck tie. (Okay, most of the time!)  Sometimes I’m a little out of step.  But my Father looks at me and says, “You may not be all you should be, but if you’ll stay on the road with Me, I’ll make you what you ought to be.”

You see, it is because of His work on this earth, at Calvary, and His victory over death; through faith in Him, a person becomes a new creation.  When a person accepts God’s greatest gift in Jesus Christ it gives them a new lease on life.

            Now, I have opportunity to share God’s greatest gift with others.  I pray that I’ll seek to stay in step with Christ, fall in place where I need to be and follow Him wherever He leads.  What will you do with God’s greatest gift?

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, there IS something about that name!!

Christ only, always,

Bro. Paul