A Life Well Lived

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

This past weekend Vicki and I went to Medford to see her folks. Vicki was going but I wanted to go and see her Dad. Since my Dad passed away, Bob has been ‘my’ Dad in the midst of the changing times.

We spent the night with them on Friday and visited with them until noon on Saturday. Then we left for Enid and met up with my three sisters and a couple of brother-in-laws to share a meal together. We had a good time but I’m positive that the waiter is going to need some extreme counseling!

We visited about some things pertaining to our parents but otherwise just had a good time sharing with one another. On the way back to Pampa I was thinking about the legacy that had been left to us by our parents -- their love for the Lord, for family and for those who were in need.

I realized that this was my fourth Father’s Day without my Dad. It just seems like the time has slipped away. I realize with the issues that Mom faced in her last years caused us to focus on her. But now she is gone and so Father’s Day brought back memories of my Dad.

There were the times when I saw him kneeling with a salesman, leading him to Christ. There were the times when I saw him sharing what God had given him. Then the times when he got up from the dinner table on Sunday to go to the store because someone needed milk and bread.

I could tell you the hours he spent getting ready to lead Sunday School or the times when the pastor called him to lead the music. There were the times when he was working to prepare the meat counter for the day when someone would come to him with a problem and he would stop and help them.

I even remember when the local mortician would need help and Dad would go to give him a hand. But there were times when he would send me instead which really opened my eyes to a time I learned to accept as part of life.

My Dad taught me a great deal through the years. He taught me to love the ladies in my life and treat them with respect. He taught me how to give of myself to those who were in need. He taught me about showing love in the midst of a difficult time.

I guess you could say that Dad was a ‘man of God’ called to live his life as an example to all that he met. Dad wasn’t perfect. He even spanked me one time when I didn’t do anything wrong. But I will have to say it was only the one time!

Dad was a man of God who was faithful to the calling he got from God. I shared on Sunday about being a faithful man. Proverbs 20:6-7 says – 6 “Most men will proclaim everyone his own goodness; but a faithful man, who can find? 7 The just man walks in his integrity – his children are blessed after him.”

As I thought back to the life of my Dad, I will have to say that ‘his children are blessed after him.’ The life he lived and the love he shared placed within us a spirit of love that comes from God. He couldn’t save us, but he pointed us to the One who could.

Because of that I can say the children of Herman Nachtigall are truly blessed. I am thankful for how Dad led by example in his life. I would have to say it was a life well lived. I just pray that my kids and grandkids will say the same of me.

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, there IS something about that name!!

Christ only, always,

Bro. Paul