Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

I just don’t understand it. It seems like the weekends just keep getting busier. This weekend was no different as I found myself running from one thing to another.

On Friday one of the men in the church, Bro. Gene Winegeart, passed away. I went to the Pampa Nursing Center to be with the family and pray with them. It was tough to say the least. He was truly a great man.

Then it was home to change clothes and head for Lake Marvin for a wedding rehearsal. As I made the trip I prayed and thought about what had taken place and the couple that was getting married.

On Saturday we had a One Day VBS from 9:30 to 2:30. I got to the church around 8:00 and got some things in order. We had a fun day and a great group of kids. I finished up around 3:15 then headed home. I wanted to rest before heading off again.

I left around 4:00 and headed back to Lake Marvin for the wedding. The wedding was very nice and the venue was perfect. The bride and groom had lots of family and friends that were with them on this special day. It all went well and at the end I was able to pronounce them husband and wife.

In the midst of it all something took place that really made this a special venue. It was the drive to the building where the wedding took place. The one thing about the drive began to take place after I turned off of Highway 60 onto FM 2266.

The groom told me that it would seem like I wasn’t going to make it, but to hang on, I would make it. On Friday when I made the trip the first time, I couldn’t believe how long it took. I really felt like I had somehow missed my destination.

I came to a point where it said ‘Paved road ends’ and I really got worried. But I kept going and finally came to a Y in the road. He had told me that I just needed to stay to the right, so I just went to the right and as I topped the hill, there it was.

When I went up on Saturday the road didn’t seem any shorter, but at least I knew where the end was going to be. In fact I followed a car in and they slowed down and pulled over. I went around them and they ended up following me to the wedding.

Just like the road to Lake Marvin, it seems like the road of life can get really long and difficult at times. Sometimes we are even unsure whether we have missed where we were supposed to go. We may go along what is smooth and maybe just a bit windy, but when we hit that bumpy road we begin to question whether we are going the right way.

The writer of Proverbs said in Prov. 4:25-27 – 25Let your eyes look directly ahead and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you. 26 Watch the path of your feet and all your ways will be established. 27 Do not turn to the right nor to the left; Turn your foot from evil.

Many times in Scripture there were those on a road that they weren’t sure where it was going to lead. At times the road of life will be long, windy, bumpy and just a little crazy. Yet if we will watch where we are going and follow the path that the Lord has laid out before us, we will be able to fulfill the call He has given us.

God has promised us that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Heb. 13:5). So whether we are on the road to Lake Marvin or on another path that God has placed us on, we can be sure that He is there with us.

Whether you are beginning the long road like the kids at VBS; starting a new road as this couple did or finishing the road as Bro. Gene has, trust that God will lead you on. And remember --

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, there IS something about that name!!

Christ only, always,

Bro. Paul